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Posted by: Licentiam Team
Tuesday, March 15, 2022


At Licentiam, we’ve worked with doctors, health care professionals, medical groups, private practices, telemedicine companies, hospitals and even multi-billion dollar life science companies to ensure that they stay in compliance and remain flexible as the regulatory landscape for medicine changes. Now more than ever, medical professionals are looking for seamless processes to obtain and maintain their medical licenses, along with managing their CMEs, renewals and credentialing. An article published by the JAMA Network entitled,“Modernize Medical Licensing, and Credentialing, Too—Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic”discusses why streamlining licensing and credentialing create added function and flexibility in a medical office.

Over the last two years, the shortage of licensed and qualified medical professionals along with their growing demand due to the pandemic, has put a renewed focus on making the credentialing and licensing processes more efficient.This naturally raises the question, what are the inefficient parts of the process that end up taking up so much of a doctor’s time?

According to the JAMA Network, “The key obstacle with credentialing is the requirement that each entity (hospitals and insurance plans) independently verifies credentials. In practical terms, no matter how many hospitals a physician has worked in, no matter how many states in which he or she holds a medical license in good standing, no matter how many insurance plans have previously enrolled the physician, each hospital or insurance plan must independently verify the credentials. It is this redundancy—that each hospital and insurer independently verify the data—that causes the long delays between when a physician accepts a position and when he or she can begin work and/or bill for services.”

Licentiam’s services have significantly helped mitigate these long delays while streamlining processes. Our number one goal is to allow doctors to take care of their patients, while we take care of their paperwork. On average, our dedicated Licensing Specialists get doctors licensed x20 times faster than if a doctor or their administrative team were to do it on their own. Our process experts shepherd documents through each 50 state’s unique processes to ensure everything is complete and correct allowing for quicker approvals from the Medical Boards. Further, our team aggressively conducts follow ups with medical schools, residency programs, and Medical Boards to complete the process so clients receive their new license quickly. On average, our team has saved doctor’s over 5-8 hours per application. To learn more about Licentiam services or to speak to one of our experts, click hereor call (877) 542-3684.

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Licentiam, which means to "license" in Latin, is an innovative cloud-based solution that streamlines the licensing process for healthcare professionals and bridges the gaps in regulatory process for hospitals, health-systems, and state licensing boards.

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