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What is Licentiam?

Licentiam is the next-generation renewal management, licensing and credentialing solution for healthcare professionals.

How it works?


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Choose the professional license you would like to apply for by clicking [here] If you have any questions about your licensure options, speak with one of our Licensing Specialists at  877.542.3684 or email us


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Upon purchasing your service, you will be assigned a dedicated Licentiam Specialist who will send you a secure link to upload your confidential documents into our encrypted vault. At any time, you can reach out and speak to our licensing team members.


Next Steps

Once your Licensing Specialist receives all your necessary documentation, you will receive a package with your completed application(s) and instructions within 2-3 business days. Please note we have notaries on staff for in-camera notarizations when needed


We Do The rest

Licentiam does the rest. We will follow up with your medical schools, residency programs, and the Medical Boards to complete the process so you receive your new license quickly

The Licentiam Advantage

Licentiam has a proven track record of getting doctors licensed x20 times faster on average! Our secret sauce is simple. Our licensing experts have deep experience navigating all 50-State Medical Boards and residency programs making the process quicker and getting you licensed faster.

Our proprietary technology allows our licensing experts to perform faster follow ups with the Medical Boards until your license is approved.

That’s the Licentiam Advantage

It`s easy to get started!

Get started with Licentiam and manage your credentialing goals in one place.

New Licenses

Easily apply for a medical or health occupational license in one or more states.

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Licentiam Credentialing Specialists provide deep expertise navigating and maintaining your specific Provider network needs.

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Multistate License Renewal & CME Management

Allow our Licensing Specialist to curate your CMEs, keep you in compliance and manage your license and credentialing renewals.

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Additional Licensing Services

License Reinstatement, License Reactivation, License Deactivation, Board Information Updates; Licensing Tax Forms

Once you provide us with the required documents, your Licentiam specialist will ensure everything is correct and send in your application to the Board for approval.

After your application is successfully processed, the Board will send you your new license!


The Licentiam Platform ensures a seamless flow of information and eliminates manual processes and data input redundancies.


Our platform uses state-of-the-art encryption methods and protocols to protect your personal and professional information.


Our Licensing Specialists offer white glove licensing & credentialing services customized for your needs.

Whether you need another license, insurance credential, or wish to expand your practice across state lines, Licentiam Membership will make it easy to track everything and stay compliant with state regulations.

If you experienced malpractice or disciplinary issues in the past that may be slowing down your license application, our specialists are here to ensure a smooth process.

Licentiam, which means to "license" in Latin, is an innovative cloud-based solution that streamlines the licensing process for healthcare professionals and bridges the gaps in regulatory process for hospitals, health-systems, and state licensing boards.

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